Developing Leadership within UEMOA: A Promising International Collaboration

The BCDI 2030 program was proud to deliver a series of leadership training courses in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for management-level staff at the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) in June 2024.

The courses are part of College and Institute Canada’s acclaimed Leadership Institutes program which draws on the latest management concepts and experience to prepare participants to successfully lead in the post-secondary sector. The sessions were specifically designed to strengthen UEMOA leaders’ ability to navigate through its current complex management and leadership challenges.

Denise Amyott, former president and CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and Marie-Josée Fortin, Director of International Partnership Programs at CICan delivered the courses. The Commissioner Mamadù Serifo Jaquite chaired the sessions on behalf of the President of the UEMOA Commission. The President of the UEMOA Court of Auditors, Segnon Yves Marie Adissin also attended an opening ceremony.

Ms. Fortin underlined the importance of the partnership between CICan and Universities Canada (UnivCan), within the framework of the BCDI 2030 program. Part of BCDI 2030’s mandate is to support the development of leadership skills within UEMOA member institutions in response to the region’s current socio-economic challenges.

According to the Commissioner in charge of the Human Development Department, the BDCI 2030 training courses are a concrete expression of “the shared vision of the UEMOA Commission and its partner, [the CICan and UnivCan consortium,]” particularly with regard to “the repositioning of the UEMOA Commission in the strategic management of economic and social integration issues in the Union, especially in this worrying sub-regional context marked by new security challenges, a youth employment crisis and geopolitical emergencies.”

The training courses helped participants develop the expertise, knowledge and know-how that are essential for leaders called upon to guide the UEMOA through a critical period in its development.


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