Program Priorities

Empowering Change

BCDI 2030 Key Program Priorities

BCDI 2030 is dedicated to empowering individuals and creating positive change through higher education and training. Our program objectives reflect our desire to contribute to a more equitable world:

Advancing Women’s

BCDI 2030 aims to provide scholarships and capacity building for a minimum of 51% of women, unlocking access to learning and training opportunities. By developing essential skills, we strive to equip women in our partner countries with a competitive edge in the labour market, ultimately narrowing the gender gap.

Addressing National

BCDI 2030’s learning and training activities are tailored to address partner countries’ pressing priorities. We seek to drive sustainable economic and social benefits by aligning our initiatives with the unique needs and aspirations of each nation, as defined by our partner institutions.

Promoting Equal and Inclusive Opportunity

BCDI 2030 firmly upholds the principle of equal opportunity for all. The program strives to ensure that every individual, regardless of background, has an equal chance to participate in BCDI 2030 capacity-building activities.

BCDI 2030 supports Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy in the areas of: