Fostering social and economic development

in 26 developing countries through education and training

BCDI 2030

The Canadian International Development Scholarships 2030 (BCDI 2030)

The Canadian International Development Scholarships 2030 (BCDI 2030) is a unique international development program that leverages higher education to strengthen social and economic development in 26 eligible Francophonie and Commonwealth countries, as well as other Small Island Developing States.

Funded by Global Affairs Canada, this eight-year program provides participants with high-quality, inclusive education and technical and professional training. It is tailored to the needs of partner countries, with a focus on priority areas related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program’s overarching goal is to address inequality, resulting in improvements in the lives of participants and their communities.

BCDI 2030 aims to ensure that women and men have inclusive and equitable access to a wide range of learning opportunities.


eligible countries


direct beneficiaries,


of whom are women


CA in funding from Global Affairs Canada


of program funding goes to Francophonie countries


to Commonwealth member states and other Small Island Developing States


of the funding goes to Sub-Saharan African countries

BDCI 2030 projects

BCDI 2030 operates through two program streams, each designed to drive change through partnerships in higher education. Stream 1 provides scholarships for studies in Canada, while Stream 2 delivers customized training opportunities that meet partner countries’ unique needs.

Partnerships for development

To ensure programming is meeting partner countries’ labour market and development needs, BCDI 2030 builds on partnerships with regional organizations and ministries responsible for higher education, including higher technical education.

Gabriel Miller headshot

“BCDI 2030 places post-secondary education at the heart of development, empowering individuals, particularly women, with inclusive, high-quality learning opportunities to unlock their full potential and drive socio-economic development in their home countries. Canada’s universities are proud to be a part of this transformative initiative, leveraging their expertise to build a brighter future for all.”

Gabiel Miller,

President and CEO, Universities Canada

Photo de Pari Johnston

“Education is inherently tied to the advancement of women. The leadership training, mentorship, and pursuit of studies made possible through the Canadian International Development Scholarships 2030 program will empower more participants to be leaders and agents of change, bettering their lives and their communities.” 

Pari Johnston,

President & CEO, Colleges and Institutes Canada

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