How BCDI 2030 works

Canadian post-secondary institutions work with partners in eligible countries to provide high-quality, inclusive education and training opportunities that will boost people’s employability, with the intention of addressing inequality, bettering their lives and their communities.

Learners are given opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship and leadership development, or take part in other tailor-made and thematic training in their own country/region or in Canada. Through BCDI 2030, scholars will develop skills that give them a competitive advantage in the labour market, join a community of leaders and contribute to closing the gender gap.

Our Project Streams

Streams 1 and 2 form the foundation of BCDI 2030’s comprehensive approach to education and capacity building. By combining scholarships in Canada with strategic partnerships, we aim to empower individuals and institutions, catalyzing positive change on both personal and systemic levels.

Stream 1

Through Stream 1, BCDI 2030 offers scholarships in Canada for talented individuals from partner countries, enhancing their skills and knowledge to become change agents in their communities when they return to their home countries.

Stream 2

Stream 2 emphasizes capacity building, forging transformative partnerships between Canadian and partner country higher education institutions. BCDI 2030 drives knowledge exchange, empowers local institutions, and promotes sustainable development to address regional challenges.