New scholarships will bring Ghanaian students to study Rural Development at Brandon University

New scholarships will bring Ghanaian students to study rural development at BU

Published by Brandon University,
Brandon University will welcome 10 new graduate students from Ghana to study rural development over the coming four year, thanks a new international scholarship fund called the Canadian International Development Scholarships 2030 (BCDI 2030).

“As Canada’s Finest Regional University, our Master of Arts in Rural Development program has long been attractive for graduate students seeking to make a positive impact in their home countries,” said BU Vice-President (Research and Graduate Studies) Dr. Bernadette Ardelli. “This new scholarship project further solidifies Brandon University’s position as a leader in sustainable rural development education and meaningful rural research.”

The 10 students will come from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), in Ghana, to Brandon University. Studies at BU will provide a base of theoretical and practical knowledge in sustainable rural development that is applicable to rural areas anywhere in the world.

“This is a testament to our commitment to fostering global collaboration in rural development,” said Dr. Wilder Robles, Chair of the Department of Rural Development at BU. “The connections forged through this project will enhance academic networks between Canada and Ghana, and will also contribute to the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in both countries.”

Dr. Robles has an excellent academic team to move forward with the project: Dr. Wayne Kelly, Dr. Emma Varley, and Dr. Lyliam Jardine will play important roles in the implementation of the BCDI Scholarship Program.

Brandon University has already had significant success attracting international students to study rural development, including those from Ghana. Annually, Ghana is the second-largest source of international student applications to BU, and last year made up more than a third of all applications.

The experience of BU’s Office of International Activities will contribute to the success of this new scholarship program. The office has been involved from the start, including assistance with the MOU and early planning, as well as proposal review.

In total, there are 527 international students at BU, making up more than 16 per cent of BU’s total student population.

One Ghanian grad of BU’s rural development program, Adams Abdul-Salam, recently became one of the country’s youngest parliamentarians, winning election in 2020 to become MP in the New Edubease constituency. Now, he is helping shepherd more students to follow his footsteps to BU.

“We’re looking forward to further broadening our international footprint and opportunities here in Brandon will enrich the learning experience for both local and international students,” said Dr. Wayne Kelly, Director of BU’s Rural Development Institute. “The research internships offered by RDI will offer valuable hands-on experience in applied research and policy development, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application.”


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